In the Syllabus of the 'Grado en Derecho' of Malaga University, the subject European and Comparative Constitutional Law is taught in the spring 
semester as an optional subject.
In this subjetc, the classic topics of constitutional law (separation of powers, territorial organization of the States, constitutional 
adjudication and protection of fundamental rights) are studied from a comparative perspective, in which representative systems of the main models of 
constitutional engineering are analyzed.
The same methodology is applied to the forthcoming European constitutional law.
In order to enroll, there are not other subjects which should have been previously compulsory approved.
However, it is strongly recommended to have successfully coursed 'Derecho Constitucional I', 'Derecho 
Constitucional II', 'Derecho Internacional Público' and 'Derecho Comunitario'.
Students within the Erasmus exchange framework and whoever can provide experiences from different linguistic, cultural and legal backgrounds are 
especially welcome.
  • Professor / Assistant: González Vázquez Irene
  • Professor / Assistant: Pérez Bandera Raquel
  • Professor / Assistant: Roales Buján Luis Oliver
  • Professor / Assistant: Rodríguez Angel